Identifing solutions to key barriers in various global contexts and across sectors.

This campaign has first been featured on the Open Collective Blog.

I originally became active on the Open Collective platform to support other initiatives, well before I founded Proofing Future. Now, I hope to find financial supporters for this self-initiated project:

Improving Equity in Sustainable Access to Medical Treatments

“Acren will for the first time enable implementation of citizen-funded agro-environmental projects in a fully transparent and unambiguous way. It opens up the possibility for citizens to clearly and securely track the positive effect that each project has on the environment, and the ability to attribute the direct positive impact — such as CO2 saved, reduced pesticides — to their participation,” says Dr. Nikola Markovic, Cofounder of Social Impact Network, in our interview.

Read our full interview here at ProofingFuture.EU

Pentagrowth: “It enables success because it establishes human realities in business. (…) We enabled users to import their impact data on our platform and not only automate their data analysis and visualisation, but also show them the insurmountable benefits of impact measurement. We enabled the impact actors to serve their beneficiaries a lot better and prove to their investors what they achieved with their money,” says Areti Kampyli from in our interview, about how they successfully applied the Pentagrowth method by Ideas for Change in their project.

Read our full interview here at ProofingFuture.EU

“This masterclass subject was relevant to me as it questioned centralized finance. It allowed me to widen my understanding of finance beyond the banking system. I realized that there were new possibilities in accessing finance that were global and inclusive,” says Kadidiatou Dem Tangara.

Hear from Kadidiatou Dem Tangara, Kognouman Fofana & Talhata Zourkarneini Toure about their learning experiences during the latest CryptoMasters courses by Mathis Gontier Delaunay & Matthias Vallet of KRYPTOSPHERE® at Kabakoo Academies:

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“Social Impact Network has identified a way to inject liquidity into Least Developed Countries by creating a new breed of impact investors. Social Impact Network leverages the rapid growth of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), a market valued at $100B. By using blockchain, the ecosystem addresses many of the challenges faced by the traditional impact investing sector, which over time will serve to introduce DeFi to a whole new cohort of investors,” says Nadja Bester in our interview.

Nadja Bester heads up marketing and communications at Social Impact Network and is responsible for Social Impact Network’s brand, marketing and communication strategy during its go-to-market phase.

Read our full interview here at ProofingFuture.EU

“The most effective factor in obtaining a fund is to recognize the main needs of the policy area related to each sector and then develop solutions and projects in response to those needs. In my approach I evaluate the projects of a company to find out its KPIs as well as its potential impacts and then match them with the goals of relevant policies,” says Bahman Morteza Etezadibehzadi in our interview.

Find detailed insights about funding opportunities for Startups, Research and Companies in support of EU Green Deal innovations: Read the full interview with green finance consultant Bahman Morteza Etezadibehzadi here: Funding Opportunities in support of the EU Green Deal

The Social Impact Network is a decentralized ecosystem for impact investments that connects decentralized finance and real-world asset projects to create real social impact and deliver above-average yields to investors. Compared to traditional portfolios, the impact investment offered by our platform is open fund based, easily tradable, transparent, and secure…

Proofing Future

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