EU Funding Potentials for Eco-Innovative Companies


Before discussing the EU funds and their potentials, it is very crucial to know the EU policies. The EU funding programmes have been invented to support the companies, organisations, research institutes, entrepreneurs, SMEs and Startups that can help the European Union to address its challenges and implement its policies.[1]

Profound knowledge about policies helps project owners and managers to identify the main needs and concerns in the EU and gives them insights to align their innovative ideas with these needs, and finally enables them to match their projects with available EU funding programmes.

There are numerous funding opportunities in the EU that can be used by applicants to develop, scale and launch their ideas and projects into the market. However despite many opportunities, EU funding programmes are considered rather difficult to obtain.

The first question that applicants have to ask themselves is ‘Which fund is the best fit for our project?’. After identifying a suitable programme, it is very important to know the influential factors in order to prepare an effective application proposal.

Secondly, it is important to know that one of the main policy frameworks of the European Union is the EU Green Deal. The focus of this EU action plan is on boosting the economy through green technology, creating sustainable industry and transport while cutting pollution.[2]

Any project that can help the EU turn challenges from its policy frameworks into opportunities, can potentially be considered a suitable project to benefit from EU funding instruments.[3]


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