• daniharder


  • Ossie Amir

    Ossie Amir

    Sustainable infrastructure through creativity and dialectics.

  • Ruli Lesmana

    Ruli Lesmana


  • David Franquesa Griso

    David Franquesa Griso

  • Collective Intelligence Development Network

    Collective Intelligence Development Network

    Collective intelligence from the perspective of society and science, technology and art. Innovation, resilience, sustainability, Future of Work and more.

  • Jordan Lamborn

    Jordan Lamborn

    Product Manager @ Slice. Curious. Learning, read/write on product management. ex-Expedia. Product School. PSPO I. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jordanlamborn/

  • marlopri


    Climate Action professional & sound artist. Founder of the Brussels EXIT_LAB, a platform exploring art, performance & social action. Opinions are my own

  • Robin Klemens

    Robin Klemens

    Blockchain engineer with a focus on enterprise blockchain platforms as a service based on Hyperledger Fabric and Quorum (Ethereum implemantation).

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