Research Tools that Encourage Science to Benefit People — an interview with Dr. Jenny Molloy

”With Beneficial Bio our mission is to provide locally manufactured reagents to make sure that our local researchers get what they need faster and cheaper. That involves distributing manufacturing, because that is the only way that we can overcome the shipping and importation and customs barriers that really add to the time and the cost of those reagents. That is really where we are using SurveyStack in our mission to provide reagents quicker and cheaper, but also high quality,” says Dr. Jenny Molloy of Beneficial Bio in our interview.

In this interview, Dr. Jenny Molloy details how Beneficial Bio achieves its mission to “fix what are currently very broken supply chains for molecular biology tools in lower middle income countries” and how collaborating with Our Sci LLC supports them.

Read our full interview here at ProofingFuture.EU



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