Systemically connecting Agricultural Management Practices to Soil Carbon and Food Nutrients — an interview with Dan Kittredge

“SurveyStack has now become this amazing, deeply thought Open Source framework for interoperable data. Through SurveyStack we are able to say with confidence ‘Yes, those quote unquote regenerative practices do connect with increased soil carbon as well as do connect with nutrient levels in food being increased’. And it is being understood by groups as disparate as the USDA and millions of smallholder growers in the global south to be a valuable framework. We are honored to have been at the leading edge of its development and to see all the other partners that are starting to use this SurveyStack framework,” says Dan Kittredge, Founder and Executive Director of the Bionutrient Food Association.

Read our full interview here at ProofingFuture.EU



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